Prof. Kennard Williams

International Education and Cultural Development Association

Executive Editor-in-Chief

Prof. Stephen Woosh

International Education and Cultural Development Association

Editorial Board

Prof. Richard Echemp

Ohio State University, Ohio, USA 

Prof. Chahine Jensen 

Kettering University, Michigan, USA

Dr.  Hong Wei

The State University of New York, USA

Prof. Mario Sarker  

University of Plymouth, UK

Prof.  Rachel Reisl

City University of Hong Kong , Hong Kong

Prof. Jianping Guo 

Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing, China

Prof. Fuzhi Xie

Capital Normal University, Beijing, China 

Prof. Huaien Yang  

Beijing Technology and Business UniversityBeijing, China

Dr. Claire Wu

Beijing Union University, Beijing, China 

Assoc. Prof. Guochao Liu

Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Beijing, China

Assoc. Prof. Liwen Wang

Ningxia University, Yinchuan,Ningxia, China 

Join us as a Reviewer (Board Member)

Reviewers (Board members) play an extremely important role in the peer review process. Efforts of reviewers (board members) are the key for the objectives of a fair and timely review process for all of our typescripts and the publications of only papers of the highest quality. We greatly appreciate reviewers (board members) for volunteering their time and expertise to review the submitted manuscripts of IJAS.

IJAS performs the blind reviews for typescripts. So the identity of every reviewer is protected. And reviewers (board members) must treat the typescripts as confidential documents, which should not be shown to or discussed with the others except with the authors’ permission.

If you're interested in serving as a reviewer (board member) of IJAS, please send your VC and the downloaded Membership Form.doc  to the editorial office at INTJAS@outlook.com. Then your application will be processed in 5 working days (Only Ph.D. holders, Professors or Associate professors are qualified to apply for reviewers (board members)).  

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